Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Successful Night-time Skincare Routine

Your night-time skincare routine is by fair the best & natural time for your beautiful skin to repair itself, so repairing and preparing your skin for the coming day is what your night-time skincare routine should be all about. A variety of your morning skincare routine products can be reused for nighttime use: but if you’re interested in using specialized products for a more thorough routine, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Cleanse

If you wear makeup, consider using two separate cleansers: a makeup remover for eye and face makeup, and a face cleanser to rid the skin of any dead skin cells and impurities that have built up throughout the day. One swipe of this will get rid of stubborn makeup, even your mascara.

Depending on your skin type, you can then either go back in with the cleanser you use in your morning routine, or use a dual-action cleanser that also works to remove makeup. After cleansing your face, this product is great for simplifying your nighttime routine, and the blend of stem cells and vitamin C make sure your skin is well taken care of before you continue on to exfoliating or toning.

Step 2: Exfoliate (If You Need To)

This step truly depends on your skin type and how often your pores need exfoliating (oily skin types may need 2-3 times per week, and dry skin types may benefit from just once a week or not at all). Luckily our amazing formula won't dry out your skin like most facial scrubs on market. 

Our pick for an exfoliating product that buffs away impurities without damage is Exfoliating Face Scrub. This product will get to work immediately to reveal new, baby-soft skin, and smells amazing to boot. This luxurious scrub contains no plastic microbeads, which are not only abrasive, but also not eco-friendly.

Typically, after exfoliation, skin tends to feel raw and dry. But once our face scrub is rinsed, the castor oil left behind leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Our renewing fruit extract complex helps soothe and calm skin after exfoliation and helps fight the appearance of aging.

Step 3: Toner

Regardless of whether you use a toner as part of your morning skin care routine, dermatologists  recommend everyone use a toner for your nighttime routine. Using a toner specialized for your skin type is a great way to refine your pores and give your skin that extra, deep clean before sleeping.

A gentle, calming, vegan choice we love is Our Fresh Tea Face Mist Toner, it's a complex of essential amino acids provides a youth-boosting moisture to tone, hydrate and soften skin. Ingredients such as Niacinamide and Mandelic Acid helps brighten skin appearance and even skin complexion.

Step 4: Boost your Essence

This is your time to apply any special essences, mist, or concentrates you might want to add to customize your skincare routine to your specific skin needs. Whether it’s an anti-aging serum, a face oil to prevent breakouts, or a nightwear moisturizing cream, now’s your time to break out the special products and give your skin the extra treat it deserves.

If you’re not sure what to use or don’t have any particular skin concerns, we recommend a brightening boost, like our Vitamin C CC Serum. This booster is a great choice for all skin types, you will see dramatic results with this energy-packed serum that’s infused with Citrus Stem Cells from orange, which enhances the appearance of skin elasticity.

The Hyaluronic Acid will provide a boost of hydration, while the Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of age spots, blemishes, and redness. 

Step 5: Eye Cream

The eye cream you apply during your night time skincare routine should be one specially formulated to wear overnight. Our Cucumber Eye Gel is a great pick for hydrating as our specialty formula contains caffeine to awaken and revitalize the appearance of the skin around the eyes. This fast-absorbing gel will improve the appearance of youthful suppleness. The Natural sugars and vitamins E and K will continue to hydrate and smooth the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes.

Step 6: Treat(ment) Yourself

If you have any prescription skincare products, like retinol or acne treatments, now’s the time to apply them. Of course, make sure you visit a dermatologist regularly to ensure you’re using the right treatments for your skin, and apply your prescription products based on their recommendations to make sure you’re giving your skin all the attention it needs.

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